At the Isle of Wight Festival, we aim to create an event that is accessible for all our customers.

We have a dedicated Accessibility Team working all year round to assist customers with accessibility requirements.

Applications for our Accessibility facilities will open later in the year. Customers wishing to apply for our Accessibility facilities should buy a standard Weekend Early Bird ticket. 

If you are a Teen customer requiring Accessibility we will be able to send you a link to purchase a Teen Early Bird ticket when applications open. If you are a Teen customer requiring Accessibility and booking your ticket along with 1 or more adult tickets you will be able to buy your Teen Early Bird ticket from the 28/06 and then apply for Accessibility when applications open. 

Children 12 years and under on the 19 June 2025 will need to be accompanied by an adult with a paid for Weekend ticket before applying for our Accessibility facilities, this includes applying for an essential companion ticket.

Please do not buy a standard Campervan ticket as this will not be transferable to the Accessibility Campsite. You will be able to apply for a Campervan ticket when applications open later in the year.